Enchant Shop: Creating Magical Memories a New Way this Christmas

This Christmas season is unlike any other as we work collectively to navigate through the ever-changing COVID times, and with that, we are thrilled to be offering a new alternative to our Christmas events this season. 

Welcome to our new online ecommerce store, Enchant Shop, where we are delivering your favourite Christmas gifts on an easy, accessible platform. As the Holiday season looks different for all this year, Enchant Shop has everything to help you and your loved ones create magical memories this Christmas. 

Enchant shop provides the opportunity to shop safely from the comfort of your own home. Through this pivot, Enchant is bringing Christmas to your fingertips, showcasing products and stories of incredible people who are delivering the joy of Christmas in a new way this season. Our current marketplace unfolds the journey of local makers, creating the opportunity to shop locally and sustainably for unique and meaningful gifts for your loved ones. Check out our Gifts Collection to see a variety of products made by small businesses or our Made in the USA Collection to shop businesses in the USA.

The purpose behind the store is ultimately to remain true to our values. Now more than ever, Enchant emphasizes handmade products, being community driven, having a positive impact and being connections inspired. Through Enchant shop, our team of dedicated individuals and proud product makers desire to cultivate joy. By connecting you to the ones you love and helping you keep your communities close at heart as we desire to grow, change and flourish alongside you throughout the ups and downs this Holiday season may bring. 

As we collectively navigate this season, allow Enchant Shop to bring a piece of joy to you and your loved ones. Follow along our digital platforms over the upcoming weeks for more ideas and insight on how to share joy this season.

Written by Emma Neustaeder 

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