Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas to Create Magical Memories

When it comes to holidays, Valentine’s day is a close second favourite of ours. Maybe it’s the sweet treats and love that seem to fill the air again this time of year, but Valentine's Day reminds us that the spirit of the holidays is alive and well. We are all for celebrating a holiday that champions connecting with family and friends.

This year, the fancy dinner reservations may be on hold, but that’s no reason not to celebrate. We’ve dreamed up a list of magical Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your loved ones.

‘Drive In’ Movies:

This date night needs no driver’s license. Arrange some comfy chairs like a car, order in (or cook, for bonus points) your favourite burger and milkshake and queue up a double-feature. Take this idea to the next level with a projector, homemade ‘now playing’ signs and a candy concession filled with your Valentine’s favourite treats. This is one the whole family will be talking about for years to come.

Prom night:

No dance? No problem! The secret to success with this plan is to embrace the silly. Ingredients for this date: Some (not so glamorous) prom-tastic outfits from the thrift shop, a disco ball, some streamers and a great playlist. Punch bowl also recommended. 

Speaking of which–punch this idea up by asking your valentine or loved ones to be your date a few days before without spoiling the surprise to give them the butterflies.

Iron Chef:

For the Cupid who may be a bit behind on plans, we’ve got the answer. Duel your Valentine in the kitchen with only the ingredients at hand. The challenge? Create and plate 3 Michelin Star-worthy dishes for one another and present them for judgement. Give your loved ones full permission to critique your flavours and presentation for a laugh. 

Dream vacation:

Your passport is merely a prop for this trip, you won’t need it. Surprise your loved one by planning  their “dream vacation” this Valentine's day. Is it a European getaway? A sunny resort? 

Bring it to life with a little bit of imagination and creativity. Recreate the experience of arriving and exploring a destination with music, clothing, drinks and food to take your loved ones on a vacation they’ll never forget. 

Your dining room is now the best restaurant in the city. The living room? No, that's a world-class art gallery or sunny beach.  

Psst, did you know that your car can feel an awful lot like an airplane with this sound and a well-rehearsed arrival announcement? 

Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you! We hope these ideas help make some magical memories (and maybe even traditions) for you and your loved ones. Share your photos and videos with us at @EnchantChristmas–we’d love to see them!

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