Meet Matthew White of White Branches

Owner Matthew White has always been entranced by the magic of the holiday season, how it enlightens the heart and brings people together. It is through his company, White Branches, in which he embodies the celebration and wonder the holiday season brings. White Branches is a unique boutique that sells speciality gifts with a feature piece being their festive wreath. 

Matthew dives head first into the spirit of the season, setting up his Christmas tree in the first week of November. He also has seven 9’ tall iridescent, glass panel deers that decorate his front lawn. It is through this embodied spirit that Matthew is able to share the magic of the season year-round with his business. Matthew’s passion is not solely evident through the design of his products but through the experience he hopes to create. 

He shared, “Telling a story with the product and the boutique is extremely important for me as it creates an intimate and special relationship with the guest and the event, creating a joyful celebration, but also creating wonderful and lasting memories.”

With most of his boutique locations housed in speciality event venues, Enchant is thrilled to be involved in creating an incredible experience by partnering with White Branches, offering the DIY soft sculpture wreath kits, designed and created by Matthew. This kit is an amazing opportunity to bring festive cheer home through the do it yourself experience. 

Matthew is already looking forward to Enchant 2021 events where he is hoping to introduce more products but is even more so looking forward to greeting one another and experiencing the magic of the season together. 

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, turn up the christmas music and get started on your wreath today!

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