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With over 25 years in the business, Paper Starlights is shining brighter than ever with their hand-made, traditional screen printed designs. The idea for Paper Starlights was first sparked at a festival in India where the founders fell in love with the vibrant colours, glow and simplicity that the stars emanated. The paper stars became a symbol of celebration, instantly making a space beautiful and bringing people together through the joy they brought and it was here that Paper Starlights was born.

However, it wasn’t until Paper Starlights first market appearance in 1996 that they truly began to recognize the impact their stars had on others. Situated under the Dark Arches in England, the emotional impact the stars had on the people who passed by and the instantaneous relationships developed with the product became evident to the team. With this knowledge, the team pushed their growth forward in hopes to share the light and joy of their product with all who come in contact with the stars. 

Through their partnership based in both the UK and India, the handmade stars are designed and distributed using traditional heritage techniques. Many of their designs are inspired by the art of the everyday, such as traditional ‘mehendi’ henna designs used to decorate hands and feet at celebrations or through the intricacies of antique embroidered ‘zari’ work as intricate and complex designs often associated with celebration. Each segment is punched by hand to create the spectacular lighting effects which, along with the intricate printing, are a trademark of their  stars.

As a business, the most important thing to Paper Starlights is how they trade and the positive effects trade can bring from source of production to point of sale. The team believes that if they pursue everything with this spirit, trade can be a force for good and a means of bringing people together across cultures, geography and generations. 

With many incredible memories over the years, the emotional impact the stars have on people is often quite intense. What amazes the team is the willingness of people to share their very personal, and often moving, stories. People often have personal significance to the stars and find great solace and happiness in them. Along with being a symbol of celebration they are also a symbol of great comfort for many.

Paper Starlights recognizes that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, and this Christmas they want to intervene in the darkness. To help spread the light in their local communities, as part of their ‘Share the Light’ campaign, they are decorating care homes, hospices, hospitals - and the wider community by gifting stars to businesses and charities. The team believes that wherever they are, a shining star in the sky will bring us together and a star in a window will Share the Light with neighbours and passers-by.

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Written by Emma Neustaeder

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