Meet Snow Made

Based in Portland Oregon, Snow Made designs and manufactures all of their cards and gifts from start to finish. This impressive process is attributed to owner Chelsea Snow’s love for both art and business. Her idea for the business sparked from her roots in Idaho where she would make Idaho-themed gifts that quickly gained traction and support in the area. When she relocated to Portland she decided to expand her offering to all 50 states, allowing her to do what she loves which is working hands-on to offer consistently well-made and beautiful products. 

The creation process for Snow Made begins with hand-drawing all of the text and illustrations, followed by the team sending the designs to the laser-cutter. The laser etches and cuts through their hand painted wood, revealing a carved wood look, through extremely intricate shapes. Chelsea shared that the items Snow Made makes are primarily purchased as gifts for loved ones, so the team tries to keep that in mind when designing new products. Snow Made aims to celebrate love, spark joy, and remind people that we're all in this together.

As a business owner, Chelsea’s motto is: "every dollar you spend is casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in". This motto is at the forefront of her decision making process when sourcing the materials she uses, but the motto also serves as a reminder to have appreciation for Snow Made’s customers. Chelsea recognizes that there are many choices out there, so every time someone chooses to buy something she’s made, there is much gratitude.

When we asked Chelsea what is the secret to buying a meaningful gift she responded with, “I love giving ornaments as gifts because I know that each year when the person I gave it to unpacks it to hang on the tree, they are going to remember me, and feel the love all over again. I think the most meaningful gifts are personal, handmade, and from the heart.” 

In addition to staying busy with business this holiday season, Chelsea loves to spend her time looking at Christmas lights as she shared they are such a beautiful way to bring light to dark times. As Chelsea finds joy in looking at Christmas lights, her customers find joy in her products. As Chelsea says there is nothing better than getting love from a total stranger who has received her products and loves them. 

Looking for thoughtful, hand-crafted Christmas ornaments and gifts this season? Support small businesses and check out Snow Made’s work here.

Written by Emma Neustaeder

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