Meet The Everlasting Candle Co.

Handcrafted by husband and wife team Jesse and Tamara, Everlasting Candle co is a Vancouver, British Columbia based company that has altered the candle industry with its never ending flame candles. This duo fell in love with the minimalist simplicity of the candle's design and the representation the candle holds for the couple as Jesse has a passion and love for design and fire. 

With this passion, the candle was able to be developed and showcased in their home and did not go unnoticed by friends and family. With the quick appreciation for the design and concept, Everlasting Candle Co was born. 

This innovative design is unlike regular soy or wax candles that are known for their short expiration date as Everlasting Candle Co’s candle won’t ever run out. Alternatively, you simply refill the oil and the ambient flames continue to burn.

Staying true to their family roots, their first vase offering, the Ayden, is named after their darling preemie son. The quite literal meaning of Ayden is “little fire” which fits perfectly with this open flame candle and offers an endless alternative to home ambiance.

Their product offering of candles combined with their Ayden Vase is the perfect gift for any family or friend to keep you warm and cozy during this holiday season.

To see more of Everlasting Candle Co’s amazing products follow this link.

Written by Emma Neustaeder

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