Need Some New Traditions? 24 Best Activities To Do With Your Family This Christmas

Tradition contributes a sense of comfort and belonging. It brings loved ones together and enables people to reconnect with friends and family.

Traditions represent a critical piece of our culture. They help form the structure and foundation of our families and our society. They remind us that we are part of a history that defines our past, shapes who we are today and who we are likely to become. If you're in need of some inspiration to spark some new traditions please see our suggested activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy together, year after year.

  1. A Christmas Wish:  Christmas wishes are answered in wonderful, mysterious ways. This December, make a wish on every star you see.
  2. Write a hand-written letter to Santa:  Send some magic to the North Pole — write a list, a thank-you note, or a poem for Santa and Mrs. Claus.
  3. Donate a piece of winter clothing: Search your closet for gently-used winter treasures, and donate them for someone else to love. Spread warmth.
  4. Snowflakes in the Window:  Bring the magic of winter indoors — decorate your windows with homemade Christmas snowflakes.
  5. Send a Christmas card in the mail:  Send a handwritten Christmas card in the mail. It’ll make someone’s day, more than you know.
  6. Decorate another “tree”: Hang ornaments around the house — from chandeliers, from bed posts, from cupboards... deck the halls, why not?
  7. Send a video to a nursing/seniors home:  Spread some holiday cheer by filming your very own merry Christmas video and sending it to a local seniors’ home.
  8. Trade Christmas recipes: Trade a favorite Christmas recipe with a treasured friend. Bonus points for a family secret or two.
  9. Fun Shortbread: Bakers ready? Cut out some festive Christmas shapes and bake a double batch of your favorite shortbread recipe.
  10. Recreate a Christmas memory: Christmas is full of magical moments. Pick a fond memory from Christmases past, and recreate it with a loved one.
  11. Spice up your cocoa: Spice up your cocoa — add nutmeg, cinnamon, hazelnut, crushed maraschinos... or anything else your heart desires.
  12. Donate to a food bank: Bring some figgy pudding and a couple cans of food down to your local food bank. Savor the joy of giving.
  13. Christmas carol sing-along: Dust off your best singing voice, and gather friends or family for a joyful Christmas carol sing-along.
  14. Old-fashioned Christmas: Ask someone you hold dear about a holiday tradition from years past, and give it a try for yourself.
  15. Unconventional wrapping: Wrap a gift in something unique — recycled tin foil, newspaper, a festive t-shirt... Think outside the gift box.
  16. Act of Christmas kindness: Perform an act of Christmas kindness, no matter how big or small. Be someone’s Christmas miracle.
  17. Appetizer Potluck: Have everyone in your house pick a brand new recipe, and share a unique Christmas meal around the family table.
  18. Merry Christmas in a new language Christmas cheer comes in many languages — find a new way to wish a friend a very merry Christmas
  19. Guess that Carol: Tap out the rhythm of some Christmas classics with an unconventional instrument. Can anyone figure them out?
  20. Your gingerbread dream house: Build the gingerbread house of your dreams. Think bold. Think abstract. Think creative. Have fun.
  21. Call someone special: Catch up with an old friend, someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Cherish the memories you share together.
  22. Pretend the power’s gone out candlelit evening: Spend an evening by candlelight. Turn on the radio, plug in the tree, and put on the yule log. It’ll be magical.
  23. Take a Christmas tree walk: Take a Christmas walk — enjoy the lights, the trees in the windows, and everything else the season has to offer.
  24. Christmas Eve: When the stars come out twinkling, bring family in near, and share magical memories you’ve made through the year.

We hope many of these result in magical memories for you and your loved ones! 

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