Meet Stoll and Heart's Andrea Stoll

Powered by the tagline, “made with love, inspired by nature”, this Seattle based company got its unique name by combining founder Andrea Stoll’s last name with her love for finding hearts everywhere she goes, specifically within nature. With the realization that her last name placed side-by-side with heart sounded like stolen heart she knew she found a name that fit her brand perfectly. 

Stoll & Heart designs handcrafted jewelry that is inspired by utilizing natural materials in the creation process with the purpose of complimenting your natural beauty. The brand believes that true beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. This inspiration has been attributed to two important people in Andrea’s life, her mother and grandmother. 

She shared, “My mother has been a huge support and my biggest cheerleader helping wherever she can. I was always working on creative projects with my grandmother growing up. We loved to spend time creating, especially sewing.” Andrea described further that each piece she creates is hand-made with a pair of pliers that was passed down to her from her grandmother. This gift stands as a constant reminder for Andrea to follow her heart in all she does. 

When asked about her favourite Enchant memory, Andrea shared that her top three include dancing in the hallway of the market with some of her fellow vendors, connecting with amazing customers and seeing Macklemore at last year’s event. Andrea continued by sharing how grateful she is to have developed some lifelong friends at Enchant last year. 

Enchant is so thankful to work with incredible vendors like Stoll & Heart and share some favourite holiday traditions such as opening presents on Christmas Eve and enjoying the delicious baking that the holiday season brings. 

To see some of the amazing creations by Stoll & Heart, like this one visit our Enchant Store.

Written by Emma Neustaeder

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